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When can a tricycle be the solution for me?

Huka bicycles are specially developed for people who need extra support to be able to cycle stably and safely. This may be because:

  • You would like to experience more stability, for example, when getting on and off.
  • You would like to keep cycling, but you have the feeling that you can no longer do this safely on a two-wheel-bike.
  • Your reaction speed decreases. The advantage of a tricycle is that you can cycle slowly without compromising your stability.
  • You are dealing with a limitation that can influence your coordination or natural movement possibilities.

If you would like to receive more information about this subject, please feel free to contact the nearest dealer.

How do I choose the right bicycle for myself?

There are a number of aspects that have an impact on making a good choice as to which bike suits you best. You can think of:

  • Degree of support: all our bikes are equipped with strong materials that, among other things, ensure stable road holding and good riding comfort. In addition to the standard, it is possible to provide the bicycle with various support tailored to the body. This way, you can be on the road even more safely and with more pleasure. This includes pedal assistance, a modified seat or handlebar, and so on.
  • Design and model: in addition to safe and stable cycling, you also look good on a Huka bicycle. With a dedicated team we deliver a wide collection of innovative bicycles and other means of transport to Dutch design. There are different sizes available.
  • Use: do you cycle for daily use? Do you use your bicycle to cycle with others? And who are you cycling with? How many kilometres do you expect to ride? These choices can be a deciding factor as to which bike is most suitable for you.

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Can I do a test ride on a Huka bike?

Are you interested in purchasing a Huka bike? We are happy to let you experience a Huka bike! A test ride is completely free. As soon as you express your interest with your nearest dealer.

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