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Delivery times

Earlier we informed you about the overstrained demand for parts in the bicycle industry. Meanwhile we are half a year further and unfortunately there is no sign of any improvement.

For Huka this still means that our suppliers cannot always guarantee the desired delivery times. That is why it is still difficult for us to deliver bikes on the desired and/or confirmed delivery date. We find this very annoying! We will of course do everything possible to achieve the short delivery times you are accustomed to. That’s why we also look for similar quality parts when deliveries of certain parts take too long. Of course we keep an eye on the quality and safety of these parts.

Prices 2022

In addition, we had to implement an interim price increase this year. We are currently considering prices for 2022. We are still facing significant price increases on a daily basis. For example, metal prices have risen enormously, transport costs from Asia have exploded and the prices of bicycle parts have risen enormously due to scarcity. Also, wage increases will undoubtedly follow from the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations. We will soon provide more clarity on the 2022 prices.

Delivery of spare parts

In order to ensure sufficient stocks for our regular production, we are unfortunately still forced to stop or in some cases to regulate the release of some parts. As soon as a solution is available, we will of course offer it. Concretely, this means that at the moment we cannot supply Shimano spare parts, disc brake systems, tires (inner and outer), hubs and wheels. We deeply regret this, but unfortunately this is the situation at the moment.
Or do you know of a suitable purchasing partner for bicycle parts in your country? Then we are happy to receive suggestions.

Would you like to be notified as soon as specific parts are back in stock for release? Then send an e-mail to We will then inform you as soon as the parts in question are available again. Should you have any questions in the meantime or would you like to discuss an interim solution for a non-stocked part? Please contact our service department at 0541-572 470. We will be happy to talk to you and, if possible, work with you to find a solution. We hope to be able to put this situation behind us soon.

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