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Fresh to work in 2022

We believe that almost every person can continue to ride a bicycle throughout their life. The mobility, independence and freedom of the rider is our passion. Our team takes visible pride and enjoyment in working on (new) solutions. That’s what we try to do every day − without limitations. For both people: who can still cycle independently and for people who cycle under supervision. I am grateful for the fantastic work of the entire Huka team and the trust, and sometimes patience, of you as a customer in the special year 2021.

Meanwhile, we have started the new year fresh again. The year 2022 will be all about further growth and development. One of the main focuses in this respect is the quality of our bikes. We have greatly expanded our development capacity and will focus in the coming period on innovating and continuously improving (the quality) of our products. We will also invest in the talent development of our people and issues such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility will be given more shape and content. The line started in 2021 to increase the availability of Huka products worldwide will be continued, with attention for existing markets and customers. In short, more than enough movement and improvement at Huka.

We do this with the Huka team and gladly together with you, our customer. With each other and for each other. But, we will also have to face the necessary challenges this year, because there is definitely no peace and stability in the supply market yet.

I wish everyone a healthy, happy and enjoyable 2022.

Rob Lotgerink

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