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New by Huka: Bas Schrotenboer

We would like to introduce you to our new colleague Bas Schrotenboer (32)! Since this month Bas started at Sales Support and he will be the first point of contact for our international customers. Bas was previously a Sales Engineer at a technical organization, where he was responsible for the order process and project management. “In my spare time I play soccer and darts and I like to go skiing. I am really looking forward to working at Huka and supporting our international customers”, says Bas.

A switch from work planner to commercial training

“I completed the technical study Mechanical Engineering at the MBO. Then I started working as a planner. At a certain point I noticed that I missed the (international) customer contact. I had to do something with that! Then I started the course International Business and Languages (IBL) at Windesheim University. This course was a good match: combining the commercial aspect and the language aspect”, says Bas.

My roots are with the animal shelter

“My roots come from somewhere else. “From home I grew up with an animal shelter. This was run by my parents. When I finished my HBO studies, I ran the animal shelter for a while due to circumstances. But blood is thicker than water, so after a while I wanted to continue my commercial career and I stopped running the animal shelter,” says Bas.

No stranger to Huka

“I am not a stranger to Huka. For my IBL studies I did an internship there in 2014. The fun time I experienced then has always stayed on my mind. When I saw the vacancy for Sales Support employee, I reacted immediately. I especially like the solutions that Huka makes. We make products for people who want to cycle again, because they cannot do so on a bicycle. A cool company to work for!”, says Bas.

“For example, last week I received an email from someone who is at the end of his life. He mailed to say that he is still very happy with his tricycle and still enjoys cycling on a Huka. Those are nice messages to receive. Besides, the atmosphere by Huka is good. Huka is a flat organization with an open, no-nonsense atmosphere. You can walk in anywhere if you have a question. I like that corporate culture and the Twente (the east region of the Netherlands) down-to-earthness.”

From order to delivery

“I have a wide range of tasks at Huka. I am involved in various activities, where the focus is on supporting our customers in the sales process. This includes advising and informing the customer, monitoring the order process and delivery. I’m looking forward to meeting our (international) customers and getting to know them in combination with the beautiful ambitions Huka has”, says Bas.

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