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Is independent cycling no longer possible? Do you want to go out together where both cyclists have the freedom and control you want? Meet the Copilot series. This tandem series makes it possible to enjoy cycling together. Without worries. Below you will find the models from our collection.


Take the front seat for the best cycling experience

available with electrical assistance

Copilot 3

Stable mounting and dismounting with three wheels

available with electrical assistance

The benefits of the Copilot & Copilot 3

With the Copilot tandem series, the passenger has the most experience on the bike and the driver in control of the bike. The Copilot is a tandem where you as a driver can set whether the passenger is steering or pedaling along. Are you looking for a tandem that is extra stable and safe for a mobile passenger? Or does the passenger have a reduced sense of balance? Then get acquainted with the Copilot 3. Thanks to the third wheel, both riders can remain seated when the three-wheel tandem is stationary. In addition, a tandem bike from the Copilot series has several advantages, such as:

  • The tandems Copilot and Copilot 3 are available in two models, namely the companion adult tandem and the parent child tandem. In addition, there are various parts and accessories that can be completely tailored to your situation. With these options we can make a completely adapted tandem bicycle for you. Partly because of this, the tandem is also very suitable to be used as a therapeutic tandem. In short, you can cycle without problems with the tandem!

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  • As an attendant you sit at the rear of the tandem, where you maintain an optimal view of the traffic and the passenger.
  • We think your experience as a user is extremely important! We are happy to listen to this, so that our collection of tandems meets the wishes of you as cyclists, among others. For now and in the future.
  • Good quality and service is essential for carefree cycling! We deliver Dutch quality that we are proud of. You receive a 5-year warranty on the frame and front fork as standard. You also have the option to extend the warranty on the frame and front fork to 10 years!

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Would you like to experience the tandem Copilot together?

Would you like to experience together whether the tandem Copilot or three-wheel tandem Copilot 3 is suitable for you? Which can! You have the opportunity to experience one or both tandem bikes from the Huka collection. You can take a free test drive at your home, at the nearest dealer or at Huka on location. For more information, please contact us on +31 541-572 472 or fill in the contact form below. You can also e-mail via info@huka.nl. We take plenty of time for you during the test drive and we give you a short instruction, so that you are well prepared for your test drive.

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Would you like to receive advice without obligation?

The consultation can take place by telephone or at the nearest dealer. For more information, please contact us by phone or fill in the contact form. We are happy to help you.

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    Compose your Copilot

    An adapted tandem bicycle is custom work. Every person and situation is different. In order to connect with this, we can offer various supports so that you can cycle more comfortably. Cycling must be safe, where cycling pleasure comes first. Have you become curious what your future tandem will look like? Then configure your own tandem.

    Design your own Copilot
    Design your own Copilot 3

    You have the option to have the tandem executed as a three-wheel tandem with pedal assistance. Cycling is even more comfortable with this electric three-wheel tandem. But you can also think of options such as various alternative handlebars, saddles or extras such as a rear-view mirror or stick holder. In short, a lot is possible! Due to the different options with which the tandem can be performed, we can imagine that you want to be advised about this. We are happy to help you and show you the possibilities without obligation. Knowing more? Contact us via telephone number 0541-572 472 or send an e-mail to info@huka.nl.

    Buying a tandem bicycle service

    You can buy a Huka bicycle at your nearest dealer. They also support you in the maintenance and possible repairs of the (three-wheel) tandem. To keep your tandem in optimal condition, we advise you to have them perform periodic maintenance. Proper maintenance of your tandem also ensures that your warranty remains guaranteed.

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