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The AT-B

Fun and safe for children

Specially developed for children

We have built a modified children’s bike, especially for children who can use a little extra stability. With the modified children’s bike AT-B your child can cycle easily, without difficulty. It is a specially developed tricycle that offers more than a standard bicycle with a few extra side wheels for children from around 5 years old.

Playing outside, cycling to school and playing with friends? Easy! You get on and off safely and stable, because of the three-wheel construction. The modified children’s bicycle can also be adjusted entirely to the wishes and the circumstances of your child. For example, the lightweight bicycle can be supplied in all hip, cool and cheerful RAL colours and there are various accessories with which you can make the bicycle even more personal and attractive.


Modified bike AT-B

The modified children’s bike AT-B is specially made for children who need more stability or support from about 5 years of age. The smaller version of the AT-B is the modified children’s bike AT-A. Your child can get on this tricycle with pleasure and doesn’t have to think about anything else. Want to know more?

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Aangepaste kinderfiets

Optimally manoeuvrable

The adapted children’s bike AT-B has a differential, making the bike optimally manoeuvrable! The three wheels always stay in contact with the surface on which you cycle.

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Aangepaste kinderfiets AT-B

Nice and light

The modified children’s bike AT is available with an auxiliary (PAS-vario) or drive motor (Auto-vario). With the help of these drives, pedalling is lighter and therefore less tiring.

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No child is the same. That is why there are many accessories possible with our modified children's bike AT-B, such as various seats, handlebars and pedals. Do you want to know more or take a test ride first? Look for an overview of all possibilities in the downloads or call Huka on +31 (0) 541-572 472.

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