The Classic is an electric scooter with great capacity
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The Classic

the mobility scooter that suits everyone.

Off-road scooter with great weight capacity

The Classic is an electric scooter, but not like any other. It is suitable for road use and in shopping centres, but also performs admirably on forest paths and hilly terrain.

This robust means of transport is available in two models, each with a maximum weight capacity of 200 kg. If you don’t feel like or can’t always use the car or bike for transport, the Classic is a fantastic alternative. Even ex-motorcyclists are charmed by this sturdy scooter. The different models offer something for everyone.

The Classic DX2

The DX you were used to from us has been updated. It underwent a complete makeover at the end of 2016 and the DX2 is now more stable than ever. In Switzerland, it is even used as a post delivery vehicle, partly due to its large luggage rack. The Classic DX2 now has a wonderful contemporary look and is equipped with the latest technology.

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Needless to say, the Classic complies with all European safety standards. Safety is essential on the road, but the scooter’s driving qualities represent the real breakthrough.

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Spacious and powerful

The powerful, new, asynchronous motor handles rough terrain and slopes up to 30% effortlessly.

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De Classic MaXX

The Classic MaXX has a maximum speed of 15 km per hour and a range of 30-50 km. Its maximum weight capacity is 300 kg.

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The Classic electric-powered scooter can be fitted with various options and accessories, such as mirrors, luggage baskets and crutch holders. If you would like to know more about the accessories available, please call us on +31 (0) 541 572 472. We would be glad to help you.

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