Huka TDV - The indispensable toilet shower chair

The TDV.

Unique shower-commode chair.

Unique, comfortable wheelchair

The TDV is a unique and comfortable wheelchair, which offers optimal support. Due to this optimal support, the TDV makes you feel safe and stable. This shower-commode chair, specially designed for adults, is extremely solid and characterised by a  well thought out construction and large number of accessories. This shower chair is the solution to many challenging situations. What is special about the TDV is that this wheelchair can be fully adapted and adjusted to your body size and personal preferences. The stainless materials used to create the TDV ensure a long lifespan. This makes the TDV a unique, optimal and sustainable aid, with which we hope and aim to make life a little easier for people.


Particularly pleasant

The infinitely adjustable backrest is just one of the particularly pleasant features of Huka’s TDV. Just like the standard adjustable seat height, lower leg length and armrest height. Armrests that fold to the rear also offer a lot of comfort to the users of this wheelchair. This shower-commode chair with great stability and a high level of comfort is available in a self-propelled version as well as in a push wheelchair version. Finally, available with a whole range of accessories.

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