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Make your wish come true

with the Huka Wish tree

Do you know someone in your family or surroundings to whom you wish a Huka bicycle and unfortunately they cannot afford it? Or do you know someone who is going through a difficult period, feels lonely and you would like to grant them a well-cared day with one of our bikes? Then send in your wish! Also other initiatives are possible that have to do with our bikes.

With the Huka wish tree we want to fulfill several wishes this year, using our bikes. Would you like to sign up yourself or someone else? Then fill out the form below before Wednesday, December 14. Maybe we will make your wish come true! By December 21 we will announce which wishes we will fulfill.

What is this initiative for?

With this initiative we make it possible that our bikes also become accessible for those, where financially it is unfortunately not possible to buy a Huka. Or when you like to put someone in the spotlight, because you wish them well. Would you like to receive more information about this initiative? Then contact us at the email address



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